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Are you just ready to finally get your closet back? Your tons and tons of clothes have slowly but surely taken over your closet space and it’s time you fought back!

With so many clothes piling up, do you really need all of them? There are probably several clothing items that you haven’t worn in ages.

It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s worth it. When the cleaning gets rough, it’s time to research some cleaning tips and tricks. Here are 5 essential tips for cleaning out your closet. 

1. Set a Day Aside 

Before embarking on the closet-cleaning journey, be sure to set a day aside specifically for it. If you think it’s something that you can do at the spur of a moment, you couldn’t be more incorrect. This is a half day’s worth of work if not more. 

If you don’t plan accordingly, you could easily become distracted. Make sure you have a day set in stone on your calendar for getting the job done.

2. Seek Out Help

If you plan in advance, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to recruit some help. Ask friends or family members to help you accomplish the task! This help will come in handy in more ways than you might think. 

Let your help know beforehand what kind of items you’re looking to keep and which ones you’re willing to part with. You can always have them hold up items for you if they’re unsure. But clothing items that are too small or too big are easy to toss in the “going away” bin.

3. Create a Donation Box

Always create a donation box. Just because something doesn’t fit you anymore doesn’t mean it won’t fit someone else. If you’re looking to make a bit of cash, there are some consignment stores and other options that’ll take your gently-used clothes and give you cash for them. 

Whatever the store doesn’t take, donate those items to a local church or organization where you know the items will be given to those who truly need them for free. 

4. Empty Your Entire Closet

Now, remember you’ll want to empty your entire closet when going through everything. This ensures that you’ll have to look at, touch, and debate about every single item. It’s the best way to just get everything out and only put back the items that you know you want. 

Emptying the entire closet also gives you the motivation you need to get the job done. If you don’t, your room will be covered in clothes until you do so. So, it’s better to avoid the stress of having clothes everywhere and just get it done. 

5. Organize Everything You Keep

Now that you know everything you’re keeping and everything you’re getting rid of, you’ll want to organize before placing the items back into your closet. Cleaning out your closet is also the perfect time to organize it! You can choose to place all tee-shirts together, all the dresses together, and then you can even color coordinate!

A clean closet year-round is a good way to maintain mental health!

Cleaning Out Your Closet Made Easy

Don’t let the idea of cleaning out your closet overwhelm you. The process is made easier when following these simple tips! 

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