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Are you having difficulty focusing at work? Are you becoming less productive by the minute? If so, your cluttered desk might be the reason for it. A messy desk means a messy mind, and vice-versa.

Your desk shouldn’t double as a storage unit, yet it’s so easy to just stack everything on top and deal with it later. Day after day, your desk becomes a giant mess that’s hard to tackle at one sitting.

Luckily, you can get your clean, organized desk back in just a few minutes a day. Check out these simple desk organization tips!

1. Declutter and Purge

The first step to a neat desk is decluttering. Remove everything from the desk, take out the stuff from the drawers and start purging.

This step is necessary if you want to have an organized office where you can always find what you need.

2. Organize and Put Away

The next step is organizing the things you use daily. Get a desk organizer that’ll keep all your knick-knacks, stationery, and post-it notes in one place.

Put away anything you don’t use every day either in drawers or boxes near your desk.

3. Embrace Empty Space

Your desk needs space to breathe, and your hand needs space to move and reach for things. Whether you work at home or at a company, your desk is probably full of things that don’t belong there. Aim for a block of white space on the desk at all times.

4. Develop a New System

If your current organizing system doesn’t work, develop a new one. Do you use too many post-it notes as reminders? Use a notebook instead. Do you pile up stuff on the desk? Sort through things as soon as you get them.

5. Go Digital

If the mess on your desk is growing bigger, and you’re not getting more done, consider going digital. There are many productivity apps and tools to help you learn how to organize your workspace and to-do lists.

6. Put Away Personal Items

Your desk is a workspace where you need sharp focus. Personal items like souvenirs, photo frames, and Christmas cards can be a distraction, so limit the number to three.

7. Use the Space Around the Desk

If your desk is overflowing with stuff, use the space around it for storage. Put shelves on the walls, get a drawer unit, and get a trash can.

8. Go Easy on Stationery

Keeping pens, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, and sharpies in bulk might be one of the reasons your desk is full. Set aside a few of each item and put the rest away in a box.

9. Clean Your Desk Daily

Keep your desk organized by cleaning it every day. Take a few minutes before leaving work to organize everything, throw away the trash, and wipe down the surface.

If you’re worried about using harsh chemicals on your desk, there are many eco-friendly and natural cleaning products you can try instead.

Become More Productive with These Desk Organization Tips

Is your desk is a disorganized mess keeping you from doing any work? These desk organization tips will help you declutter and become productive again.

If you need professional advice on cleaning your desk, here are 5 cleaning tips to make your life and work easier. You can also check out our cleaning services.

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