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A dirty mirror is a sign of a dirty environment. Of course, some mirrors need to be cleaned more often than others.

For example, you should clean your bathroom mirror at least once a week. A hallway mirror might only need a deep clean once a month.

So how should you be cleaning mirrors so they always look streak-free? Here are our ultimate tips.

1. You’re Cleaning Mirrors Wrong: Here’s What Not to Use

Most likely, you were taught to clean mirrors with an old newspaper or a paper towel. While that was once solid advice, it doesn’t work anymore.

Paper towels leave bits of fluff and debris all over your mirror. They cause streaks and dust and don’t create a clean look.

Likewise, since you first heard the newspaper advice, printers changed the ink they use. As a result, the newspaper doesn’t provide a good clean look either.

You can also be using the wrong cleaner. Most household cleaners likely have soaps in them. Soaps leave a foggy residue on your glass.

There also may be toxins present in home cleaners that can get to your family. You don’t need a specific mirror cleaner; you can make your own at home, for much cheaper. We’ll get into that in a moment.

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2. Pick the Right Cleaner

As we just pointed out, you don’t need a specific mirror cleaner. You can make a much better one at home with two ingredients: vinegar and water.

Mix equal parts white vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Give it a shake. That’s it!

You’ll also need pure rubbing alcohol for tougher spots on your mirror.

3. Pick the Right Cloth

We explained that paper towels or newspaper doesn’t work. So what does? You need a cloth that won’t leave residue or streaks.

You need a flat-weave microfiber cloth. These cloths clean your mirrors without leaving streaks or residue. Those are all the supplies you’ll need!

4. Fine Tune Your Method

Start by focusing on tough spots on your mirror. Look for globs of toothpaste, hairspray residue, and the like. Pour a bit of rubbing alcohol onto your cloth and buff those hard stains out.

Remember to work quickly, since rubbing alcohol dries fast.

Once you’ve cleaned the worst off your mirror, mist it with your cleaning solution. Fold your microfiber cloth in quarters and start at the top.

There are three popular methods to get streak-free mirrors. You can start at the top and go from right to left and back again. This is called the S method.

Or you can clean your mirror in a circular pattern. Finally, some people prefer using squeegees. Whatever you choose is up to you. Try playing around with each of them to determine what works best for you.

And that’s it! Your mirror is clean!

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Cleaning Mirrors Doesn’t Have to be Time Consuming

Cleaning mirrors doesn’t have to take a long time. It shouldn’t take more than 90 seconds once you get your method down. Having the right cleaning supplies and methods is key. Keep your cleaning supplies in a convenient location, and get ready to clean!

Do you have better uses for your time than cleaning your home? We can help. Request a free quote today and let us take the hard work off your hands.

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